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Is it possible to experience canyoning in the rain?  The simple answer is Yes and No, the long answer actually relies upon the Canyon or Gorge variables as well as the rain variables. In this article, I will explore both factors in answering the question.    The Rain  The rain has numerous factors, the extent of the rain, the time span of the rain and the region wherein it is falling. Massive torrential rain has the maximum potential of disrupting a canyoning experience, dramatically increasing the water volume coursing through the gully, gorge or canyon. Mild rain may have no real effect on a canyoning experience. The term of the rain (How long it has been raining) will specifically have an impact on the quantity of water being discharged into the gorge and this will influence the quantity of

Scotland The world’s most beautiful country is revealed: and the winner is Scotland. Who can deny that these wild beaches, deep lochs and craggy castles are some of the most wonderful and beautiful sights in the world? https://www.roughguides.com/gallery/most-beautiful-country-in-the-world/   Scotland voted the most beautiful country in the world. The vote was carried out by readers of the Rough Guide website and guide books.  It is pretty amazing to think that Scotland won especially when we were going up against spectacular places like Canada, New Zealand and Iceland !! and we came out on top.   There is a few reasons

7 Reasons you should come canyoning with Canyoning.co.uk   1- be like Captain Kirk from Star Trek – “Boldly go where no one has gone before” – maybe I should re-write that. “Boldly go where YOU have never gone before” . All of our guides and past clients have been there before you but you are bound to experience a whole new world that you have never seen before.   2 – Canyoning gives you a unique excuse to experience being dressed in rubber from head to toe! We supply you with tight figure hugging neoprene suits, we finish this

Scottish Canyoning Canyoning in Scotland is still a fairly unknown sport but it is now starting to grow fast. We are definitely still a number of steps behind our brothers and sisters in Europe in terms of popularity and Canyon options but we (and a number of other Scottish canyoning companies ) are working hard to change that. The Experience Canyoning no matter where it is done in the world be it Scotland, France or Australia the key components will always be the same, ie descending through the canyon. However the landscapes, geology, weather, wildlife and more are all variables